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He replied to me a little irritated, but still comely female voice.
– Yes, come tomorrow at 10 am – said a female voice, – let’s see what you are capable of.
The next morning, for all the parade, I appeared at the address indicated.

I was a little surprised that during the waiting time at the director’s reception, I didn’t notice a single man – all the time women were passing by me, and almost everyone was looking at me with interest and somehow with anticipation of something.
But it did not alert me.
Finally, I was invited to enter.
At a long table in the office of the director of this advertising firm, there were 4 women, 25 to 30 years old (by sight) and with undisguised carnivorous eyes simply stripped me.
I even turned a little red, I guess.
The director of this agency, as I later learned, is engaged in the advertising and modeling business, introduced herself, said that her name is Svetlana Nikolaevna.
After she introduced her deputies.
on personnel, on security (all the guards were women there !!!), on finance, and on marketing.
What was their name is not important.
What is important is how they stared at me, or more precisely – where !!! – What can you do? – asked Svetlana Nikolaevna.
– And what is needed from the secretary? – I was a little taken aback, I asked.

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– Well, a lot of things need to be able to, and know, and most importantly, comply with all the rules of our company and clauses of the contract! – added kadrovichka.
I told them that I understand computers, I type quickly, I am familiar with any type of business correspondence, etc.
, having mentioned that it is absolutely not possible to distract me from work.
“Something is hard to believe,” the deputy questioned.
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– This can and check.
Sit down here, ”the boss commanded, getting up from her chair and pointing her imperious hand at the terminal at her desk.
When she got up from the table, I already caught my breath.
I have never met such a figure.
A tall, slender blonde wearing a jacket on a naked body, a large neckline that opens two charming semicircles of her breasts (when she sat behind the LCD monitor, such beauty was not visible), and the top was a skirt, or rather a ribbon, barely covering her panties.

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I could not help but gaze that did not hide from the watchful eye of the authorities.
When I came to my senses, I quickly sat down at the terminal, loaded the door and automatically set the usual settings, prepared to transcribe.
I didn’t pay much attention to all these preparations, because Svetlana Nikolaevna told someone in the room that they would lock the door because she didn’t want someone to interfere with the “proficiency test.”
“Well, let’s see how you can do without being distracted by quickly and efficiently doing your own business,” said the headmaster and, with a strange smile at her deputies, took some printouts from the table.
“General Manager of the branch.
“- she began to dictate, and I, with a smile on my face, defiantly drummed on the clave. Teens girls masturbation webcam. Granny webcam masturbation.

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