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Then Sergei puts his hands on my head, and begins to set the pace.
He simply starts to fuck me in the mouth and throat.
The pace is increasing, I barely have time to swallow the air when a member leaves my mouth.

But the wildness of the whole situation only excites me.
From my dick starts to stand out lubrication.
I am flowing like a real girl.
The movements of his penis are becoming more frequent, he is pouring blood, he is preparing to pour into me.
I remove his hands from the head.
I want to taste your cum, boyfriend, no need to cum in my throat.
Lips continue to caress the head, with one hand, podrachivayu member, the other massage his eggs.
Here it is.
The first jet is the most powerful beats me straight into the sky, followed by the second, third.
I continue to move his head on his penis, but I do not swallow sperm.

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Here he finished and calmed down, only small spasms shake his penis.
I, with gratitude in my eyes, let the penis out of my lips, and swallow everything he puts in my mouth.
After collecting from the lips with your finger and also send in your mouth.
Lick a member of a clean.
Sergey sits and breathes heavily.
I did not get detente, but since I become a woman, I feel good already from the realization that I brought pleasure to my man with my mouth.
I ask, looking him in the eyes: “Well, honey, did you like it?” He, as if nothing had happened, answers: “Honey, this was the best blowjob in my life, you were just born to suck dicks.”
With one girl I did not finish.
– It is very flattering to hear, especially since I first tried to suck.
“And how can I address you after all this?” “Call me just Masha.

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To be continued.
After the publication of my stories “Impressions for life.
Zhenya “and” Impressions for life.
Continuation ”almost four months passed, during which I, of course, found many correspondence acquaintances.
About one of them, and the story goes.
His name is Maxim.
Age – a little over thirty, which was at odds with my sympathies for older men, but.
so it happened.
Corresponded long before I decided to meet.
Maxim was filled with my fantasies and eventually bribed with the offer – he promised me something that I would like to try again: three of us – me, he and his peer – Misha’s friend.
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