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We have not done so.
Maybe you have there, in the capital, and you can come to school this way, but we don’t.
“Okay,” Dima agreed agreeably.

He sat down, pulled up the textbook and plunged into reading.
After the lessons, no one was in a hurry to go home, they were waiting for how this interesting day would end.
Quickly snapping up jackets and coats in the dressing room, eighth-graders crowded around the entrance of the school.
Slowly out Tolyan.
He almost came to his senses, but his legs still woven.
He was met by Dimka, with a wide friendly smile.
– Well, let’s go? And then I already waited.
Tolyan sullenly nodded and trudged after Dima, like Robespierre to the guillotine.
Unsatisfied crowd classmates walked away.
At the entrance, Tolyan looked around in agony, searching in vain for sympathy and stepped inward after Dima.
When the heavy doors slammed shut behind the two of them, the school of boys disappeared.
There was a pause in the air for

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a while.
We silently rubbed ourselves with soap.
Silence broke Kolka – So you mean jerking? – his hand at that moment sank into the groin area, trying to hide from my gaze what was there.
The attempt was unsuccessful, I managed to notice that the pisyun came to life and increased in size.
However, and mine too.
– Well yes.
Do not you masturbate? Kolka did not answer, he was shy, looked down.
But noticing what I was doing, I forgot about the constraint: I openly played with my already standing pussy stake, slowly pulling the skin off and exposing the pink head to the show.
Kolka smiled, followed my example.
That’s how we sat next to each other and jerked with gusto.
Kolka with nozzles while closing his eyes.
His member was big enough for his age.
Its size was not much different from the size that I saw in porn, and clearly larger than mine, although I was older than Kolka, for a couple of months.

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– And when do you finish, do you have sperm? – inquired Kolka, without opening his eyes.
“Yeah,” I mumbled.
– And I have.
– said Kolka.
– Tell me something else interesting.
– Kolka, turning, more conveniently located on a sunbed, stretching his right leg in my direction, with his back leaning against the wall.
I followed suit.
Now we were sitting facing each other and had the opportunity to see in each other’s “charms” of each other.
Kolkina hand moved faster.
“What can I tell you?”
– Well, out of porn something? I thought for a while.
– I saw one joke recently.
On one tape the man’s aunt brought home, was going to fuck.
He began to undress, takes off his underwear, and there the dick with eggs.
– Like this? – For a moment, Kolka even stopped jabbering with surprise – Why, like that! There are such.
Transvestites are called transsexuals.
I do not remember.
It looks like a woman, and under the skirt worn out, man.
– Fuck yourself !.
– Kohl already mate.
– Well yes!.
So count up, the man that brought him home, the place of that to nakostylyat well, and took the dick to that transvestite began to suck.
A transvestite man then still in the ass fucked.
– Here are motherfuckers.
– Only said Kolka in response.
Kolka opened his eyes, looked at me, noticed my view: I do not know what found me: I was staring at his member.
– Why are you so hatched? Like what? I was embarrassed, quickly turned away.
Dusk in the bath hid from Kolka my reddened ears.
Or maybe you want to suck too? – he winked.
– Fuck you! Although I immediately had a picture: I am with Kolkina in my mouth.
I was horrified for a moment! But not from the picture that presented itself, but from the understanding that I like this picture.
No, I was never interested in boys and looking ahead, saying that as an adult I did not turn blue, but always when I watched my father’s tapes, I really liked the scenes where women satisfied men with their mouths, and I even caught myself several times thoughts that I envy women.
Kolka fortunately did not notice my embarrassment, he was too keen on the process.
He smiled and said in a dreamy tone: “But now I wouldn’t refuse to feed a pidaras into my mouth.”
I grinned: – I would too.
Kolka stopped the movement of his hand, thought, looked into my eyes.
Thoughtfulness was replaced by a conspiratorial smile.
– Hey, but seriously, you could have sucked me? I could not believe my ears; looked at Kohl: it was not clear that he was joking. Amateur anal hidden cam. Gay hidden camera sex videos.

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