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I got up.
Little droplets were still dripping from my pussy and I rubbed them with my foot.
Let’s go eat? – asked Nastya.

Let’s go.
– I replied and hung tusiki on the towel rail – so that they even slightly dried out.
In the kitchen, I noticed that my portion is twice as large as nastina.
You shit today, friend.
– she said.
During breakfast, Nastya said that she had several big ideas regarding our sex life (and we did not have another one), but when I asked her to tell me more, she replied that it was too early to talk about it and she wanted to make me surprise.
After eating, we went to dress.
I took a chance and decided to wear very short shorts, which could barely cover the panties.
Nastya noticed this and approved your choice.
I would do the same.
– she said.
I thought about asking her to wear such things and take part in melting chocolate, but I didn’t.
I knew for sure that Nastya was not lying.
I also wore a rather long top, although it was unlikely to be very long – between the shorts and they had three fingers of the distance.
I wore sandals on my feet.
Nastya wore an excellent long white T-shirt with short sleeves, under which her nipples and medium-length skirt stood out perfectly.
She also had sandals on her feet.
Oh! As we with Nastya adored sandals – do not describe in words.
In general, we adored legs and everything connected with it.
Of course, we were mostly attracted by bare feet and we did everything to make them stay that way.
Even before the appearance of the rules, we tried to wear as open as possible shoes and walk barefoot at every opportunity, and after the appearance of the rules, a list of places where we had no right to be in shoes was clearly outlined.
To uni we drove quickly.
It was already quite hot and Nastya bought me a chocolate bar.
“Alenka”, and not “Alpen Gold”, because, as she said, “Alenka” melts better.

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On the first pair, we sat on the extreme row to the window, where the sun was hot and Nastya put the first slice on my pussy – see what happens.
Ten minutes later there was a brown molten mass.
Nastya rubbed her through her panties and put three more lobules in the front part and gave me a lobule, which I inserted between the buttocks above the anus.
After the call from the couple, I already felt completely sticky and sweet, which I liked very much, but was afraid that it would become noticeable, but Nastya convinced me that nothing was visible and adding more chocolate, which, by the way, you could drink we went to the second pair.
On the pair I felt very cool – in general I was pleased with it – my pussy, ass and crotch were very sticky and sweet, which I liked incredibly.
As a child, my mother told me to “stick together”, now I understood how sexy it is.
After the second pair we decided to leave – we didn’t want to stay one more.
On the bus, I wanted to see what was under my panties, but there were too many people and I had to shake all the way home.
At the entrance I barely reached the front door and immediately took off my shorts and panties and began to inspect my chocolate bottom.
Nastya also became interested and, bending over, rubbed the remains of chocolate.
So we stood for

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two minutes and the sound of the opening door at the top brought us around.
We went home and laughed at it for a long time.
Imagine: you go down the stairs and see two naked girls, with clothes thrown nearby.
One of them is smeared in something brown in the ass, pussy and crotch.
Near her panties lying around, smeared in the same substance.
The second girl kneels next to her and rubs this brown mass with a finger in the area of ??the anus.
And most importantly – it smells like chocolate! We laughed badly and I began to examine myself again.
Nastya suggested that I should not wash now, but then wash it off after I show off.
I agreed and asked for permission to wear panties – so as not to soil those places where I sit.
Nastya allowed.
In the kitchen, Nastya insisted that I eat, but I just didn’t want to eat.
Nastya tried to force me to eat, by the way that I “humiliate my friend with my refusal,” but nothing happened to her.
Then she came up with a different way.
She lay down on the floor, taking with her a plate of pilaf.
Scrapping this pilaf, she rubbed it on the body – on the chest, on the stomach and on the pussy.
Overlaying, so the portion she spread her arms and legs f star shape.
You will not refuse to lick me? She asked.
Solely for your idea and beautiful body.
– I replied and knelt down.
Soon I not only ate everything, but also licked the gravy.
Nastya was glad. Indian male nude models. Indian girl showing boobs on webcam.

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