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Briefly and powerfully, he broke off Heroin, even without becoming listening to him, the high school student D and m and at the same time he asked Rasim whether Rasim would wait for him for five minutes.
and he also called it Rasik – he called it simply, very friendly! For him, for D and Ms, it was all a trifle, nonsense, and for Rasim.
in the presence of twin brothers such a deal was expensive! Rasim, taking the key, in a moment, surrounded by his twin brothers, approached the elevator, and Dimka, with difficulty lifting his gaze from Rasim, moved away, turned his gaze to Lenusik-Svetusik.

– So, what we do? – Dimka, depicting a joking severity on his face, looked at Lenusik, at Svetusika.
– Your mothers sent you for spirituality – to museums, to art galleries.
gave you money for chewing gum, for colorful ice cream.
and you? – And we.
and what are we? – Lenusik, not understanding where Dimka is driving – what all this says, puzzled her eyelashes.
– And you.
“I look, Svetusik which a negro figure!” – talked, and did not even speak, and, imitating Lenusik’s voice, Dimka sang, with difficulty restraining laughter.
“You are good girls.”
so what to think about you now? The boy called the Negro.
How to understand all this? – Oh, Dima! – with a barely perceptible annoyance in her voice said Lenusik.
– You might think that you are not looking at girls — you are not discussing.
– We are not discussing African girls! – Dimka said instructively, and again.
again the thought flashed across his mind: “today.
everything will be today! “- This is us, Dima.
we checked you! – playful eyes Svetusik.
– Checked: will you be jealous of your classmates to the African boy or not? – Oh, girls.
– pretending that he believed, Dimka discouraged spread his hands.

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– What are you.
what insidious! – And then! – Svetusik said playfully.
– We are like that.
They exchanged two or three more phrases and, having agreed that Dima would come to the girls’ room in half an hour, dispersed: Dima hurried to the elevator, and Svetusik and Lenusik stayed in the lobby to wait for Leerka who had not yet left the restaurant hall – “to remind her , the sheep that her, the sheep are torn, will wait. ”
On all even floors, starting from the fourth, there were mini-bars: coffee, sandwiches, juices, mineral water, and even a mass of all kinds of edible trifles, ironically called Dimka “colorful ice cream”; Dimka went out on the eighth floor, took out the phone and, opening the address book in the phone, snapped his finger on the touch screen, calling Rasim; They exchanged numbers yesterday, when Dimka dictated the number of Zebra to Rasim.
– Yes, Dima? – Rasim responded, just as Dimka brought the phone to his ear.
“I’m at the bar,” Dimka said, entering a small, cozy room of just four tables.
– I’ll take a mineral water.
if it is.
What to take to you? – To me? – Rasim replied, and in his voice Dima heard a barely perceptible confusion.
– To me.
I do not need anything, Dima, thank you! – Look.
– ignoring the refusal of Rasim, Dimka ran his eyes through the narrow shelves with various differences placed on them.
– There are “Pepsi”, “Sprite”, “mineral water”.
juices are different.
there is wine, – Dimka said smiling, and this smile instantly responded to the intonation of his voice.
– Will you drink wine? – Take-away wine is not for sale! – looking at Dima, Dima was in conversation with a middle-aged barmaid’s phone with plump, brightly painted lips.
– Wine is sold to

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– Got it! – Dimka, this time smiling at the bartender, nodded his head.
– Rasik, with wine bummer.
yes, break off! First, it can not be endured – you need to drink it here.
– Dima, I do not want wine! I generally do not drink wine! – Rasim’s voice reached Dima.
– I know what you want – that you love and drink.
and what will i do? – Dimka, fooling around, energetically spoke further, as if Rasim had said, said something quite the opposite: – Yes, Rasim, yes – it cannot be endured.
I say that it is impossible.
it is possible in our city, but here it is impossible.
it is not me who says it.
Yes, they said so – they said it right now.
where does the administrator? Rasik, I am older than you, and I know better what to do and what not.
it is first, and secondly, I am still small. Mature live porn. Live sex cam singapore.

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