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Zhenya watched her every movement, and saw that she was approaching him.
He looked at her brilliant, red lipstick, lips that were very sexually moving, and he seemed to be disconnected from reality.
A strong slap in the face brought him to his senses: “Why are you, it hurts.”

– Zhenya, I have been trying to reach you for five minutes.
What’s wrong with you, how did you fail in the fog? “Oh, nothing, sorry.”
This I probably drank a lot.
Marina stared at Zhenya with an angry look: “I drank it !?” I forbade you to drink.
And if you get drunk, and something happens to you, and your parents will find out about it, who do you think you will have to answer? – Forgive, forgive, I drank only a little bit, and I will not drink again, I promise.
I just wanted to try.
Marinka do not be angry, please.
– Okay I forgive you.
I came up to ask you about something.
– Yes, of course, whatever.
– Let’s go from here to a quieter place.
When they closed in the kitchen, Marinka continued: – I know that you are already an adult boy, and therefore you can understand me.
I will not explain to you all the details, and so you will understand everything.
So, I’m going with my friend to the bedroom now, but since he came with his girlfriend, I need someone who could distract her for a while so that she would not look for him.

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Is the task clear? – Well, in principle, the task is clear.
Why don’t you ask Lesha? – I wanted to ask him, but he is now busy.
Having fun with one doll on the second floor.
– And this friend, who is he? You like him? – Here’s a fool! Immediately it is clear that you do not understand the relationship at all.
Of course, I like him.
Otherwise, would I have led him to the bedroom? – What will you do there? Marina laughed loudly: – That’s silly.
I did not expect this from you.
Always thought you were the smartest boy.
Of course, we will have sex.
I’m going to give him my virginity.
Today I give myself to a man for the first time in my life.
And if you help me, I will be indebted to you, I will even give you a small gift.
Come on bro,

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help me.
With these words, she hugged Zhenya and kissed him on the cheek.
Took his hands and looked into his eyes: – Well, what will you help me? His wife was very painful to hear all this.
Of course, from the first time he understood why they were going to the bedroom, but still, somewhere in the depths of his soul, he hoped to hear something else.
His hopes were not justified, and he only became convinced of the obvious.
Tears almost flooded him before he was hurt.
His love was now going to sleep with another, and even give him his innocence, and in addition to all this, he asks him to help her in this.
But then an interesting thought occurred to him.
His face became very serious, and his voice was more confident: – Yes, of course, my sister, I will help you, what the question is about.
While Zhenya was conducting a tour of the house for Victoria, Marina and Nikita closed in the parents’ bedroom and began kissing passionately, in a hurry, taking off each other’s clothes.
Nikita took her head with both hands and ran his fingers into her hair, and, massaging her head, stuck his tongue as deep as possible into her mouth. Webcam porn library. Dog webcam sex.

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