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While I rummage through the “treasures” – I headed for a showcase with guns of bondage.
– He is very small, I can not breathe! I turned around – what a spectacle! – The red corset tightly fitted the already slim figure of Larisa, her nipples appealingly stuck out of the small holes.
The corset ended at the very end of the abdomen, with black, shiny stockings attached to it on each leg, with four braces on each leg.

“I can’t breathe or move,” Lara pleaded.
– Wait, soon you just can not.
I leaned over the legs and fastened a leather cuff to each leg.
For the same cuff was worn on each of the wrists.
– Hands back.
The small lock has linked two cuffs.
Taking a piece of rope from my pocket, I firmly tied Larissa’s elbows, pulling them almost together.
The back of the girl arched, the nipples were eager for freedom through the holes in the corset.
Effectively, damn – and from this ungrateful in response only a slight moan.
Well nothing.
Still ahead.
“Boss, it’s not convenient for me, the captive whined.”
“Shut up,” I snapped, feeling my pants begin to swell treacherously.
The next stage is a mask.
Pulling on his head and straightening all the folds – we get an almost perfectly smooth ball with two small holes for the nose and a bigger hole for the mouth.
But the ears and eyes sealed tightly! He took out a rubber gag in the form of a member, with narrow leather straps, and went up to Lara.
– Mouth! Wider! Wider! Normalk.
Having fastened the straps behind the head and having heard in response, well, a very muffled lowing went for the next subject of bondage. Live sex chat sex shows. Korean live sex cam.

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