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All shelters were placed around the meadow, with entrances inside.
A fire was made in the middle of the glade.
They untied our hands, and we settled down on folded leaves.

Ieliot looked into our hut and carefully looked at everyone.
“Sleep,” she said, and disappeared from sight.

Gradually, the voices of the quietly speaking soldiers subsided and reigned.
No, it was difficult to call silence.
A variety of insects chirped loudly around, somewhere a night bird cried out.
The first to break the silence was the captain.
– My friends, what shall we do? Need to run.
I brought my index finger to my mouth.
“Perhaps the guard understands us,” I whispered.
– They will eat us.
These hellish creatures are cannibals! – summarized padre Sebastian.
– Nevertheless, they saved you from gangrene today.
The priest did not respond to this.
– Alberto, how are you? – I asked the young man who was silent all this time.
– OK, senor.
I examined the back wall of the hut, which was covered with thick, tightly tightened branches.
If you try to disassemble it, the whole structure is likely to collapse and we will end.

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Hmm, it seems there is no way out.
– Let’s wait for the morning.
Now we still will not get out.
And where to go? The forest around.
“We should try to get some sleep,” Jimenez suggested reasonably.
“Yes, that would be the right decision,” I replied.
After some time, everyone started to fall asleep.
And Father Sebastian even snored.
The rain had already ended long ago, and the full moon appeared in the sky, which illuminated a part of the forest behind our hut.
I crawled closer to the grid of the branches and began to examine the lighted place.
There was a small clearing, partially hidden by bushes.
Nothing interesting.
I was already and began to try to sleep myself, when I heard rustles.
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