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Quickly rubbing up, she jumped out of the booth to the mirror, let down her eyes, washed her hands, straightened her skirt and was about to go out, but faced a beautiful brunette who came out of the next booth.
When Charlotte herself sat on the push she heard that someone, apparently with the same problems, entered the next cabin.
Convinced by the sounds that the neighbor went into the cabin on the case, and not just that, Charlotte briefly forgot about it.

And I remembered.
– Friend, I see the same problems? – smiled brunette.
– Do not say: Cocktails they have here strange.
“Hold the pill, otherwise you’ll be running around the whole evening,” the girl smiled and held out the pill to Charlotte.
An experienced genius detective would not have thought of drinking this medicine if the girl herself had not swallowed it.
Charlotte calmed down and used the medicine for its intended purpose.
She remembered that they had come out of the closet together, and then somehow unnoticed they found themselves at the same table, then tequila, cocktails: During the passionate kiss, the hand of a beautiful brunette sneaked under Charlotte’s thongs, but jerked and quickly retreated.
– What is removed something? – the detective asked drunkenly smiling.
Charlotte did not remember anything further.
She awoke from a strong slap on the ass.
She came not from the force of the blow, but rather from the sound of a slap.
– Hey! – Shut up, bitch! – ordered the last brunette.
Charlotte felt a chill coming down from her belly to the crotch.
She stood, or rather reclined on the table, she was tied, and she also saw her skirt and thong in a chair opposite.
The case was bad.
“Mom,” Charlotte tried to call for help, but the cry didn’t work

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– Shut up, – the girl standing behind put a gag in Charlotte’s mouth.

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“Well, where is Watson!” pounded at his temples a desperate question.
Meanwhile, the girl walked around the table and stood in front of the immobilized Charlotte.
She removed from the bag a HUGE rubber penis and a special attachment to it.
Charlotte’s eyes widened in fear; she tried to scream but in vain.
The terrible brunette unzipped her jeans, lowered them and her panties, then put the rubber flax on where it should be.
Then she walked around Charlotte and stood behind.
The detective could not defend herself, she tried to escape, but to no avail, the last thing she could do: She described herself.
However, this made the brunette just angrier.
She threw the cooked jar with Vaseline to the side, roughly spread her ass Charlotte and: And put a member in it.
Charlotte screamed in pain.
Back and forth, back and forth, she cried from helplessness, but she couldn’t prevent the brunette from interfering.
Charlotte lost track of time, her eyes began to darken, as suddenly a solid body emerged from her, and Watson’s soft and pleasant hand fell on her shoulder.
– Everything is all over, do not cry! The rape was handcuffed by two brave police officers and put on cancer by the wall, and Watson unleashed a sobbing Holmes.
As soon as hands and legs were free, Holmes rushed to look for where in the apartment the toilet.
For some reason, the estate caused a laxative reaction.
The police stood, smoked, one of them walked a couple of times with a baton on the ass of a brutal brunette.
“Let me see her,” Watson raised her.
– Oh, what people! This is sister Moriarty! We studied medical together with her.
I even pushed her one time: Charlotte flew out of the closet on this phrase.
– Get out everybody! “But, Holmes,” one of the policemen was indignant.
– I said go out! – Charlotte squealed, she did not pay attention to the fact that she had no clothes below the belt.
– Get out, girls, for half an hour.
It is enough for us, – Watson’s girlfriend realized the idea.
– Watson, get an enema – Charlotte hissed.
– Not! screamed Moriarty.
– Only not this! I’ll tell you everything! “And no one doubts that, dear!” – smiled Charlotte.
– Tell me everything.
Watson filled the enema with water, and Charlotte sheltered Moriarty at the place where she had been tied before.
– Vaseline? – Why? – rubbed the wildly burning anus Charlotte.
“We can handle it anyway.”
– No, no! Do not have the right! – We have.
– Please do not! Only not this! I won’t do that anymore! – Of course you will not! – Charlotte smiled and sharply and strongly inserted a huge syringe into Moriarty.
– Aaaa! – screamed that. Sexy bra and panty models. Sexy and funny hidden camera.

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