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They are in me.
I admit, I do not remember all the words.
I can not repeat them by heart.

But what they left in my soul is impossible to pull out from there with anything! Of course, my dear, you can say that all these feelings I have not for you, but for a certain virtual being with the strange name IT.
After all, I have never seen you, never heard your voice.
I do not even ask you to send me your picture.
LET BE! Let it be so! Let you only an image in my fevered mind.
But this image is very dear to me.
I love him this image.
The image of a spoiled girl who licks with ease.
Sticks my fingers wherever I want.
Which can pour a guy in a golden rain.
who can catch his lips rain.
drink it.
and let out of his mouth to him.
You asked what I liked that private? That you described everything in such detail.
so that you enjoyed your action and enjoyed your enjoyment! You did what you WANTED! Foolish boy! He did not even understand what wealth he had at that moment! He was a toy in your shameless hands! You say that I dominate in private talk, but you are the same too! You do whatever you want with them! And they do not even understand! And I understand!!!! I UNDERSTAND YOU, MY GIRL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You wonder how I guess in your fantasies your secret desires: about a shower, about undressing in a cafe.
It’s very simple – I’m the same! I also want to sit in a cafe with a bare cunt, so that only YOU know about it, I also want my sharp nipples and my clit to torment the thorny shower streams! And so that YOU with your own hand would direct the shower.
I’m afraid, my sweet! I’m afraid of what will happen next! When I was sick at home, I, of course, missed you.
But I had your letters to me.
And my letters to you.

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And today, nothing.
Neither you nor the letters.
Only postcard.
Day is killed.
Here I sit here alone, everyone has already left.
My husband called twice, asking when I would go home.
And I will throw a drunk car and do not want to go home.
I go to my box, but nothing from you.
NOTHING!!!! I know that you have no Ineta at home, that I won’t get anything before Monday, but I still go.
But what if! Suddenly a miracle happens, and you can find a way out and send me an email! After all, you know that I am sitting in front of the screen and waiting.
WAIT! Natasha! I’m drunk, angry.
I hate March 8th! I hate the flowers that I have in three vases! Because it is not from loved ones! The best gift today is your postcard! Yes.
Of course, tomorrow’s gift from her husband! But everything else is shit! Sorry! On Monday, I’ll be fine.
It is now I bloomed, but when I read: “I NOW WILL DISCUSN THIS SCREEN !!!!!!!!! DO NOT LEAVE !!!!!!!!” I cried! And then she lied all that was joy from the gifts from the flowers.
Good lord Why so? Why if you find a close soul, you can not surrender to it completely! Because it is a sin? Sin like this is perverted to communicate? Yes? Are we sinners, Natasha? What am I cheating on my husband? Changing, enjoying your words and delivering your pleasure to you? Cheating on you, getting his caresses? Yes? I wait. Sissy webcam porn. I want to love yours only yours. Screaming orgasm webcam. Three happiness in life – a son, a husband and you! You are my happiness too, girl! And the worst! You are my imagination, my most terrible happiness! My pain and my pleasure! This I

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have never had! And if we ever break up, this will not happen again! That’s when the virtual world disappears for me.
But until you leave me, I will wait for your letters.
Your postcards.
So what if there are not your poems! There are poems that touched you! And that means me! I will wait for your privates with others! You have no idea what a pleasure it is! It’s like peeking through a keyhole.
Everything! It’s time! Time to go home! What have I just not written yet! I WANT YOU! WANT! WANT! WANT!
My wife and I came to congratulate the father-in-law on May 9th.
She ran into the store for fresh bread, and I went to visit one.
Father in law met me drunk.
Drunk to the point that he did not immediately recognize who was standing in front of him.
Invited to go and spent in the kitchen.
He looked preoccupied, even a little gloomy.
On such a holiday! We sat down by the wide open window and lit up.
After a short silence, obviously gathering his thoughts, he sighed and asked: – Why are you hurting my daughter? Teen girl webcam orgasm.

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