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Shame because uncle and aunt see her in this form, pierced Svetlana.
The helplessness of the position seemed to only increase the feeling.
Tears streamed down her cheeks.

The father and uncle saw the suffering of the girl, but were not determined to end the punishment.
“You’ve grown a lot over the last couple of years,” said Uncle, standing behind her.
– But probably not enough to wise up and not get into unpleasant situations.
However, my Nadya does not make much more sensible.
It’s amazing how quickly our children grew up, isn’t it, Sergey? – Yes, in this position it is especially clearly seen how they grew up, – he took a step.
“I think you will soon, Nikolai, you can see that Ninochka’s ass is no less.”
My uncle patted Sveta on the buttock, then went back and slid to her chest.
Sveta felt how her cold uncle’s hands suddenly became very hot.
After touching her chest, she stiffened and, in addition to the desire of the girl, began to swell.
“Very big nipples,” said my uncle, taking even more detailed examinations, “Nina has much less.”
“Yes, they become very long and fat when she is agitated or, as now, afraid,” Svetina confirmed her mother.
– I see! – Said uncle, the last time touching her hardened nipple.
This final insult overfilled the cup, and Svetlana felt the first of those many tears to be shed, running down her cheeks.
Through tears, she vaguely heard her uncle and father discuss the details of her punishment.
Suddenly, the conversation ended, and the garage became very quiet.
Svetlana stopped crying and held her breath. Rus cams sex. Teen naked defile cams vids com.

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