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After a while I already imagined myself in the role of a woman, even when my beloved sucked me, I became jealous of her that she had the opportunity to kneel and lips with tongue to caress the resilient penis, lie on her back or stomach, and deliver to the guy pleasure with your body, thinking only about sex !! At one time, I stopped folding relationships with girls, and I decided to let me post a profile on a dating site so that at least once in my life I could fulfill my dreams.
Many men responded, all with experience, older than me.
It was difficult to communicate, everyone immediately asked for a photo with a face, frankly asked how I want to be fucked.

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This pleasure immediately spread all over my body, calming the roaring heat of passion with a languid calm of warmth – for the first time, in more than two years of useless idle time, my dick was again in female hands! Yes, even in what hands – in the gentle hands of my angel-like daughter! Red-cheeked Katharina, (having closed her eyes and opening her mouth) without taking her eyes off the gripped member, slowly began to massage his hot flesh, feeling every vein with rhythmically pulsating blood on it! – Ahhh.
– Again, I involuntarily exhaled, with each movement of her hand instinctively “remembering” past sexual pleasures.
And, as before, I gave my love rod to Jody, and now I gave him to my equally beautiful daughter.

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Why would others drag in here, I think that the director is not a fool, he will not tell about all the graduates, and he is unlikely to say anything about that.
He is very careful.
All the documents are in order, according to the documents the girls have graduated, and what’s next with them does not bother him, especially since he really thinks that we attach them to housekeepers.

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