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– You confuse yourself with someone! – Anya tried to close the door, but the Prince managed to expose the leg.
– Anya, but without nonsense! I do not have time for all these shuras-mura! Get dressed, let’s go.
– Fuck you! – Anya was able to close the door.

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Anya watched from the side for a while, continuing to stroke Julia with one hand and the other with herself.
When once again Julia released the head from her mouth, Anya quickly bent down and took the penis in her mouth as far as she could, right up to Yulina’s fingers, which were squeezing its base.
Julia, not having had time to rebel against the perfidy of her friend, became fascinated to watch as she sucks cock, taking it to the very throat.

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She finished two times.
On the third, we ended up with her, I’m right into her! Then she got on her knees, sucked a member more, I finished and we began to gather.
I was shocked! Arriving home, ran to the bathroom, remembered lived! Then we did this for 2 more years, almost every day, in 507 audiences, until I was expelled! Here I had such Innochka;)

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