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She has been married for 5 years, her husband works for the same company, but by the nature of his activity, he was sent abroad for a year and a half.
I will continue my adventures, I will lay them out not in order, but as soon as I’m excited, female capri))) All day I wanted new adventures, especially the hard working week behind, but what to come up with this time, I decided to try to find adventures in transport or park.
Arriving home, I began training.

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Returning Anton, stood in the doorway with a long face.
His colorless eyes of themselves filled with tears, and huge palms clenched into fists.
Not wanting to hear more of the girl’s sobbing, the man sat on the edge of the bed, grabbed Tanya by the shoulders and pressed her head to his chest.

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He began to finish, feeling this, she also did not want to come one to the finish, and began to make wide movements with her ass over the penis, leaning completely on his unit.
Roman shot a few shouts, and collapsed on her back more than she could bear.
She still moaned after an orgasm and caressed his eggs and dick with her free hand, slowly squeezing out the remnants of sperm.

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