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We cannot even agree on trivialities, let alone develop a strategy! This is a crash! The final failure, Venia! Everything! Do you understand? Everything!! Suddenly, tears came to his eyes and poured hail.
They rolled down the cheeks and flowed nasty down the neck, by the collar.
Tears prevented me from seeing.

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Tell me to begin with: are you at least single? Well, now do not unscrew and you must marry.
We celebrate New Year and we drink New Year.
We will play the wedding right here, drink and sing together! But first dance them, our dear young! At this moment, the Snow Maiden dragged the song “A Christmas tree was born in the Forest”, showed the others with signs to help sing, and began to spin with a confused young man.

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She complains about you.
He says that you stopped loving her completely, and you almost never fucked! For a week only two – three times, just kidding, tormenting the whole! Why have you become so tortured? She is so starving, poor! Have pity on her! Brought already, bastard, to the point that she came to me all in tears! Can you imagine what the girl brought to – she, through shame herself, asked this from me, from her father! My dear, he says, there is no strength to endure anymore, but to walk by other peasants is such a shame! Get through with me! I lowered my eyes and flushed.
What the father-in-law talked about with me took me by surprise.

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