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And my husband will be back soon.
He: Bitch! She: I just explain to you.
(after a second, she feels like she is being pulled over a black blindfold, it frightens her even more) He: (unwraps the woman and gives her a slap) She: (screams) He: Hands forward! She: What? He: Folded hands forward, fucking bitch! She: What do you want from me ?? He: He stretched out his arms! (grabs her neck) She: (feels his hands clench her throat, tries to resist, says in a hoarse whisper) It hurts! (tears roll down her cheeks – she pulls out her arms) He: (takes her hands and ties up with a rope in the wrists) She: (feels like she is being carried somewhere, slightly stumbles, another second and she is thrown on the bed – she understands what is in his bedroom) A to t in r about th He: Where is the money! She: God !! I said that they are not here! Let me go!! He: (sits on top of her) She: (feels like something sharp touches your throat, she screams badly) He: I ask for the last time, bitch, where is the money? (Slap in the face.

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