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Then, Natalya Vasilyevna straightened up again, turned around to face us and ran her hands over her thong belt.
“Ready!?” “Yes!!!” “Do you want to see my red thickets !?” “Come on!!!” “What!? I do not hear! You REALLY want to see !?” “DAAAAAAAA !!!” The woman began to pull off her panties – first on the right, then on the left, teasing us and slowly lowering them down.
At the same time, she rubbed the crotch with her palm, moving her hips back and forth, spreading her thighs wide.

Finally, under the cheers of eleven boys, Egor’s mother took off her panties, exposing red growth to us, bent down and pulled them to the end, dropping them to the floor.
As Yegor said, his mother’s pubic hair was red, only slightly lighter than on her head: or were it the glare from the lamp?

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It all looked pretty cool – the hair was thick, but neatly trimmed in length and trimmed outside the bikini area.
Egor’s mother stood in front of us, shaking her breasts and moving her hips.
Dimka, who was sitting to my right, reached forward, trying to grab onto his chest, but Natalya Vasilyevna, smiling, pulled back.
Then she moved her hips forward, very close to the face of Bear, who was sitting to my left.
Do not hesitate, the guy reached out and squeezed his friend’s mother’s pussy with a palm.
Natalya Vasilyevna hesitated a moment before stepping back — automatically approaching with her back to Vaska, who was sitting in the chair on the left.
He immediately put his fingers on the buttocks of Egor’s mother.
A few seconds, wagging her ass in front of Vaska, Natalya Vasilyevna came back to me, dancing so close that I could smell her perfume and see how the lubricant on the labia’s lips glistened when Mommy opened her thighs.

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Shaking tits in several centimeters in front of my face, Egor’s mom saddled me, sitting on my knees with her bare ass, and squirmed, shaking her crotch about me.
Natalya Vasilyevna did not object – and I slipped up, taking her tits in my hands.
Bending forward, my friend’s mother rubbed my face with her milkings, which I greedily kneaded in my palms.
Dick has long stood at attention, and rubbed through the shorts on her pubis.
We were joined by Dimka and Mishka, each taking a palm across his chest – so I put one hand down, running my fingers over the pubic hair.
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