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Sometimes a member flew out completely and with a loud squish flies back! Sharply drove, stopped, so I began to choke and kick in his hands.
His strong hands sharply raised me and threw me into the closets.
I hit my back and knelt down, breathing heavily, and began rubbing my hands over the face and chest.

I watched him take a condom, opened it and skillfully dressed his cock.
A few steps and his strong arms again grab my hair, picks it up and unfolds.
A blow on the back puts me with cancer, and spits on the ass, the head of the penis holds on the bottom, rubs the drool.
I stand, my head rested in the locker, and with my hands I push my ass apart, and at that very moment his cock bursts into me! Strong, rough, he entered completely, so I jumped from the jolt.
His hands grabbed my waist, and the frantic fuck started.
I could barely stand to not moan, I bit my lips and lowed a little.
Occasionally, sweet moans flew out of my lips, and his strong arms with a waist clasped my neck, lifting me to the top, and furiously impaled on the penis.
Even faster, stronger loud slaps between our bodies spread throughout the locker room, but I did not care.

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I barely heard moaning, his penis quickly flew into me, and his hands squeezed my neck even more, I had nothing to breathe.
And then he began to finish.
Some not deep movements, he let go of my neck and pressed my face to the wall of the cabinet.
He was breathing heavily, I could feel the dick inside me shudder and sperm run out.
A few more shocks, he will completely let me go, I fall to my knees and shiver blissfully from pleasure.
He again pulled my head by the hair, drove a member over the face, lips, removed the condom and threw it on the forehead, and inserts the member in the mouth.
I obediently suck on him, licking off all the sperm, let him out of my mouth a little and with my tongue walk down the trunk lick at the base of the hairs.
“That’s the way the bath is today!” He said wickedly, let go of my hair and silently went to his locker.
He is going, and I pointedly, looking into my eyes, raised the condom over my face, opened my mouth, squeezed

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the sperm onto my tongue, licked my lips, took it in my mouth.
He watched as I kneel with one hand to fuck my ass, and the second I try to nadrachivat my slightly swollen little dick, sucking and licking cum from a condom.
He packed up, slammed the cabinet, went to the door, laughed and said, “Oh, what an insatiable asshole! You come in the afternoon when you don’t push yourself through here! ”I sat and continued to fool around, in my thoughts I was thinking only about the penis, it was a minute, two, maybe five, with my eyes closed, imagining how his penis was still fucking my ass.
I was already at the peak, and I started to jerk faster, as something flew up my cheek. Live sex life. Sex by hidden camera.

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