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Super Dolly is the perfect android robot.
It is subject to all laws of robotics: 1.
All her conscious and unconscious actions are aimed at taking care of you, improving your mood and making you happy; 2

Within its capabilities, Super Dolly will prevent you from being hurt.
She will call the police in the attack on the owner, can provide first aid in case of injury or illness; 3
Super Dolly is endowed with the instinct of self-preservation, but she takes care of herself insofar as it does not violate the first and second laws of robotics.
The most terrible suffering of the android is the owner’s displeasure, and Super Dolly, to the best of the experience gained, will correct his mistakes.

The longer she is in your house, the better she will be able to please you in everything – in bed and in the kitchen.
Praise her, give your own name (no matter what).
Super Dolly will take this as a reward for correct behavior.
As a promotion, buy her fashionable clothes, a large selection of which is available in the warehouses of the company SUPER DOLL.
SPECIALLY FOR SINGLE WOMEN, we are launching the male version of Super Dolly – a hero with a beautiful face and Schwarzenegger figure! The size of the penis is selected individually in accordance with the wishes of the customer.
The male version of Super Dolly can make any woman happy! For feminists and shoppers who are prone to masochism: – our Hercules can be humiliated, subjected to corporal punishment.

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At the request of the owner, he can carve his mistress in any position and any options for painful effects.
We are ready to conduct a tour for you (only 1 dollar!) With a demonstration of our models.
Sasha indulged in the dreams of buying a sex doll, an artificial wife who would not change, argue, make trouble, and, most importantly, would always be ready to lie under her husband and master, create something that no woman would agree to.
Dreaming isn’t bad, but it was tight with money.
Fees from the sale of novels came in small portions.
At the moment, his capital would hardly have been enough to buy a Zhiguli, but not a jeep.
Of course, it was possible to get a solid advance from the publisher, but is it worth it to go into debt.
To calm the soul, our writer decided to take a walk and, having met the district officer Petya Gudzenko, talked with him about

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fashionable sex dolls.
Petya, being a married man, could not even dream of acquiring such a toy, but he was very tuned to talk about it.
Young people walked along the evening street and indulged in sexual fantasies.
Each of them mentally laid out the lovely Super Dolly on the bed and pulled her legs apart.
They were distracted from these thoughts by loud moans coming from the side of the house, a business woman named Madame Gritsatsuyev.
Petty Gudzenko’s professional training turned out to be on top, he instantly turned into a kind of Texas sheriff who first shoots and then thinks.
With a gun in his hand, Petya silently rushed to the house, quietly opened the door and disappeared inside.
Of course, Sashok followed him on tiptoe, wanting to get a new plot for his detective scribbling.
They presented an impressive picture.
Madame Gritsatsuyeva was naked in profile, bending her upper body across the back of the chair.
A naked man relish spanked her on the bulging buttocks.
The lady turned her ass and whined: – Oh! Ay! Forgive me, dear Vanechka! I’ll be good, I’ll buy you a new tie.
Vanechka stopped slapping her on the bottom and stuck his considerable member between the woman’s thighs, whose moans and oohs became enthusiastic. Bongacams prononim. Zapisi privatov bongacams.

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