Couple having sex caught on camera.

Couple having sex caught on camera.
Well, stop it !: I literally see his insolent fingers, very persistently compressing the tender nipples under the pink cloth.
Blondes nostrils slightly tremble – she is pleased.
You do want: you want, I know.

The car rocking slightly.
The glare from the lamp falls on the pink lips.
Yes: Tell me, what do you want, baby ?: I: Me: Tell me, do not be shy: Hands move, appear to be lower.
I see how tense nipples of a girl are putting on a T-shirt on her rather modest breast.
Pink tongue holds on pink lips.
I want: O: so that you can get me by the balls: Right now? .
– guy’s lips are curved in a smile.
Yes: Oh, damn, yes! Here and now, Ryu! – the blonde breaks off from a whisper on a rattle, swallows, and I see a barely noticeable Adam’s needle moving on his (her?) neck.

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Damn, it’s just two fagots: Despite this, I can’t take my eyes off of them – the head of the Gotta girl bothers me.
We have never fucked you in the subway: There are so many people around – does this turn you on, baby? Mmm: Yes: There is something in this scene that is vicious and at the same time attractive.
Something that makes me greedily catch every word, every breath, every move.
You won’t be hurt: the carriage is swaying again, and I see how an already short skirt crawls up the leg even higher.
The blond man throws his head back on his boyfriend’s shoulder.
His nostrils swell even more, his white teeth bite his pink, glossy lip.
I see a dark palm on his thigh.
The light of the lamp illuminating the carriage is reflected from the stone in the ring on the guy’s little finger.

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I literally feel the heat emanating from them.
: move: come on: This is a long stage.
The car is swaying steadily, and the blond is swaying with it, slowly, too slowly for what they are doing now.
The teeth dig even more into the lip, and I see a dark red drop appear on the pink shiny coating.
It looks like a time lapse.
I see the drop crawling slowly, leaving a bright path and, finally, tearing off the chin from a too sudden movement.
Yes: The apron flashes outside the car windows.
The train slows down and passengers start moving.
This station is a hub, almost all of them will go on it.
The gentleman, on whose shoulder my chin lay, begins to make his way to the exit, shielding an unusually shamelessly erotic picture from me for a few moments, and I have to turn away, freeing him of the way: I turn around as fast as I can, trying to look at something else but this couple is gone.

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Couple having sex caught on camera.

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