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She skillfully worked tongue, clasping his chubby lips Mr. “I will make you happy, dear”, not that she had to do it often, she just wanted to give John an intolerable pleasure, no less than he to her.
John groaned and almost immediately lowered her mouth, as if in a vaukum, because the baby swallowed every last drop of sperm.
“Did you like it, John?” she asked him, still kneeling.

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I did it with joy, because it meant the end of the execution.
I glanced at the hostess and glimpsed my opponent, out of the corner of my eye, he kneeling obediently in the corner of the room and looked at the floor.
It became unbearably hot for me, with shame, he saw everything, saw my humiliation, my shame, he heard me humbly begging the Lady to stop the execution.

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Especially to get up and go out into the aisle or transfer to the next seat.
Galya felt that her mouth was slightly open and her saliva had accumulated under her lower lip.
And trying to pick her up instinctively with her tongue, she smacked her palpably and swallowed.

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“She is better known, of course,” I grinned.
– But did you at least explain to the woman what he should represent and how to use it? By the way, it is also interesting for me to find out.
– It is important that he had an elastic surface and corresponded to the size of “his” vagina and, entering tightly, filled it entirely, touched the cervix.

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