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She had already switched to crying: – No, no, that you.
You are very beautiful.
More beautiful than you in the world there.

Yes, I want you, I want you for a very long time.
You are the most beautiful creature I have ever seen on earth.
From his words, Marina was taken aback, and somewhat reduced her grip.
She did not expect to hear that.
– Maybe you are in love with me, and that is why you prevented me from sleeping with Nikita? And answer !!! – That is how it is.
I love you, I love you very much.

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Eugene blushed with shame.
He has just confessed his love to a girl with whom, as he understood himself, he will never have anything and cannot be.
They were too different, from different worlds, and besides, she was older than him.
He understood perfectly well that it was unrequited love, and he never intended to confess her love, because he understood that it would only cause laughter from her.
And here she knocked this confession out from him, and even under such juicy circumstances.
He could not look into her eyes, he was terribly ashamed.
I must say that while she was not laughing.
She left his farm alone and somewhat stepped aside, looking at him from a distance: “You love, you say.”
She gradually realized what had just happened.

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She smiled easily and joy was present in her soul.
But not ordinary joy, but sly.
So sometimes it happens when you do something bad, and you are perfectly aware of it, but this makes it even more pleasant.
Pleasure mixed with the fear of breaking the prohibitions.
She was very excited, she ached in the lower abdomen.
And a sweet sensation, unknown to her, which she could not yet explain, originated in her soul.
She realized that this feeling comes from an awareness of power, and a forbidden power.
She realized that Eugene is now completely owned by her, and will do everything she tells him, because it’s one thing to do something out of fear and completely different out of love, and in her case, these two components went well together, tying Eugene with shackles from head to toes.
From these thoughts she even got goosebumps.
She even went kind in some way.
At least, it was visible from the outside, because her face was replaced by a slight sly smile: “Okay, Zhenya.”
If so, I will not drive you out of the house.
Live here.
But as you yourself probably guess, now our relationship will be very different.
She lay down on the bed and covered herself with a veil.
She took out her little pants under the blanket a little bit and, throwing them on the floor, looked inquiringly at Zhenya: – You need a special invitation.
Quickly climb under the blanket and lay out my pussy so that it all shines with shine.
Alive, vivid, what is stuck in his tracks? Zhenya, without saying a word, crawled under the covers.
Having reached her smoothly shaved pussy, he gently dug into it and began to suck relish.
He had no experience.
Even Marina appreciated this.
She did not expect her to be so pleased.
She clutched at the blanket and clenched her fists tightly.
She liked it very much, she experienced incredible pleasure.
Zhenya licked her conscience.
He really wanted to make amends. Bongacams com cooples. Bongacams royale.

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