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I have the right to call them on the phone and offer to meet, but they will decide.

They will send invitations through the same kid, and if it works out, then in class.

I can refuse if I have other plans (no fools!).
I have the right to sleep with other girls, but I am obliged to monitor health.
They are not afraid of pregnancy, t.
Olya’s mother, who lives in the GDR, where Olin serves his father, brings them good contraceptive pills.
Condoms (Soviet products number 2) they do not recognize.
In the classroom, I must behave as if nothing had happened, otherwise everything will be over immediately and forever.
Once a month, invitations to “colloquiums” will be received.
It is advisable to refrain a few days before, so as not to lose face.
Such a sex service, as they arranged for me, may or may not happen again.
At other meetings, they want me to give pleasure to them, but I will not stay as a loser either.
I learn the rest gradually.
I left them happy, but I wanted to know more about them.

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week later, another meeting followed my suggestion.
The evening was held in their apartment under the motto “Only in the ass!”.
On all three hung paper apron with a car sign “Brick” – entry is prohibited.
But all ass were at my service.
A couple of days later, the meeting was held under the motto 69.

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I licked them between my legs, driving them into a frenzy, and in gratitude they sucked from me, filling my young bodies with my sperm.
I realized that they conduct “training sessions”, teaching them to different types of sex, but I liked it.
And finally, in one of the lectures, Gulya in a low voice tells me to prepare for a colloquium, which will be held in four days, and gives me a note.
There is some kind of school.
Venue – the gym.
The beginning is at 19–00.
I came in advance.
In ordinary high school I went to the gym.
At the entrance stood Gulya.
“Are you on aerobics?” Enter the dressing room. ”
The girls agreed with the school principal that once a month they would be holding aerobics classes at the gymnasium, especially since Gul was a gymnastics outlet.
In the dressing room there were several guys of different ages.
They all undressed.
I began to undress next to them.
But they did not stop, but took everything off.
“What are you waiting for? Take off your cowards! ”After hesitation, I undressed.
A whistle sounded.
“To the exit!”.
We left the locker room.
In the hall mats were laid out and covered with sheets.
In the center stood an inseparable trinity.
In the hall were already invited to the colloquium.
The fourth girl was a plump blonde.
If you imagine it in a dozen years, it will turn into a fat cow, which you will pass by without paying attention.
But then in her youth she was quite attractive.
Big breasts, protruding ass.
The girls were draped in pieces of fabric, under which there was nothing.
Guys and men were 9 people of different ages.
Attention attracted a tall slim Negro.
About him Olya said that he helps her to learn French.
I was surprised to see among us an old (about 40!) Lecturer from our institute.
A vile thought crept in: “That’s the way they learn! And they said! ”
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