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Exhausted, I sank to the floor and asked for a cigarette.
We smoked and then one of the guys suggested to continue: “You want to see how you fuck?” he asked, and I agreed that this was a serious argument :))) He came up and put my cock in my mouth, I began to suck.
The rest immediately approached and a palisade of members formed around me, which I sucked together and took turns.

“How’s your ass?” one of the guys asked, “He wants to fuck her — I answered — But you offend pussy,” “Correctable — answered the guy — just your husband asked you to fuck your ass first” her again two cocks in the ass. ”
“We won’t fuck our ass and pussy,” the guy said and got down to business.
“Look what we’re going to do now,” said the guy and pulled out from somewhere an artificial member with a ring, which he immediately put on his member, the guy got two members! “What’s natural enough?” -asked someone, “Natural will not be convenient, we will interfere with each other, answered the guy, you see the husband asks you to fuck your ass with two members, and the lady asks-to fuck the pussy, so we will fulfill the desires.”
The guy lay on his back and I began to stick ass on two members, natural and artificial, which were the guy.
Since the ass was already lost, both members entered quickly, filling me in completely.
I was put on the host of the members by the back, they raised their legs and spread them, and then I realized that now they will introduce the third member into my pussy! “It does not fit!” – I tried to argue.
“Shut her mouth” – growled husband and I immediately silenced a member, which I began to suck.
And then I felt that I was injected into a pussy member.
Given that in the ass already had two members, the third member in the pussy is tight.
And so he broke into my pussy.
I was sure that now I was sure to break off.
But literally in a second I finished! I was fucked by five members, two in the ass and one in pussy and two more in the mouth! The guys began to change places, so everyone fucked me with a third member in pussy and mouth.

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They decided to finish in the mouth and it seemed to me that I had not drunk so much sperm in my whole life.
The priest was burning and writing too, but I was so cool – as if I had been in paradise.
And in the morning we went home.
Then my husband admitted that he had already arranged with the guys in advance, he did not tell me because he knew that I always seemed to be in favor, but at the last moment I turned on the back, so he decided to push the situation a little.
But I’m not mad at him at all, even quite the opposite;) But then everything hurt me so much that I couldn’t have sex at all for a week, but when I did, my husband recalled how I had five members fucked and he was SO fucking me.

The meeting took place at ease under the champagne and light music.
Talk and jokes – so imperceptibly time flew.
She went out, and after a while went dressed in something light and translucent.
I made them both sit down, turned on the music and began to dance in front of them.
And this dance struck them with its content.
He teased, beckoned, stirred blood and imagination.
They did not even notice when it ended – so great was the power of this dance.
She sat between them, one hand she put on her chest, the second – on the knee.
“I love gently and gently!”.
And leaned back a little.
One of them got up and went into the next room.
After a while, he returned, holding a black silk scarf, which was tied to her eyes.
Now she could only guess which of them begins to caress her from above, and who from below.
They laid her on the bed.
The first one, holding his sides, stood at the head of the bed and began to caress his breasts, playing with his tongue with nipples.
He then sucked, then slightly bit the tips of the nipples.
And the second, stroking the feet and scattering them with tender kisses, began to slowly climb from the feet to the magic crotch.
When he got close to the quivering lips, he slowly began to massage them with his tongue.
Then he began to suck the clit while playing with it.
Slowly moving the tongue to the entrance of the vagina, he continued to play with the clit lip, teasing the rim of

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the entrance to the vagina with his tongue.
Somehow, the moment, which arched her body with an arc, imperceptibly approached, made every muscle tense.
A moan of pleasure erupted from her throat.
Waves of ecstasy rolled over and over through the flexible body until they disappeared.
She froze relaxed, and only four men’s hands gently touching, stroking the velvet skin. Indian online sex girls. Janet mason webcam sex video.

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