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By the way, I wanted to ask you, do you have relatives? “I’m in this city not long ago and I don’t have anyone here,” answered Yulia. “Very well,” Olga said, “would you like to stay in our hospital

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for more than a month?” Julia asked – And for what? Olga said – I want you to be in my unit a live toilet, you will have so much urine and feces that you choke, well, how do you agree? Yulia immediately replied – Yes, I agree, only I have one request for you, may I be from time to time in your office under the table to sit so that I would have the opportunity to lick with you? Olga answered – It is not possible but necessary.
And laughed.
The next day, in the morning, women began to come in to Julia and gave her urine to drink.

Kalom Julia was also fed but less.
Julia got more and more accustomed to the role of the women’s toilet and she liked it.
In the evening, Olga Viktorovna came to Yulia again. – Well, how do you feel – Olga asked – – I came to give you some drinks for several hours, I endure for you.
Julia smiled and said – Olga Viktorovna, I have a request for you, not a big one. Sex online lesbi anal. Could you first trim my pillow and face? Olga was slightly surprised and asked – Why do you need this? Yulya answered a little embarrassed – Olga Viktorovna you are very beautiful. I like you very much, your urine has a strong smell, which I like very much, it excites me very much.
I want to smell your urine when you are gone. Olga answered with a smile, coming up and taking off her panties. – Well, I will do it, Yulia, now I will mark you with my urine, but then you will open your mouth and immediately begin to swallow my urine.

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Olga sat over the face of Julia and let the yellow jet on the girl’s face.
Urine fell on the hair of Julia and the pillow.
Then Olga sent a stream into the mouth of Yulia, the girl immediately began to swallow it.
Julia enjoyed this taste and smell.
When the stream dried up, Julia immediately began licking the lips of Olga Viktorovna.
Then the doctor got dressed in panties and said – Now you can enjoy the smell of my urine, I liked your idea about the smell I left you, rest Julia
I met Anya late spring.
She walked through the park in a light sundress, which swayed from the warm wind.
I was struck by her stunningly beautiful face – a wide chin and a slightly upturned nose only emphasized her somehow not like a woman’s sharp dark green eyes.
Fascinated by the beautiful sight, I instantly forgot that I was late (and therefore cut the way through the park) and seemed to follow her in a dream.
It was impossible not to admire it – steep hips smoothly turned into slightly too big, but very harmonious and taut calves.
“Definitely an athlete,” I thought through the light fog in my head.
She was a little taller than me, and her springy, soft gait finally drove me crazy, my cock demanding rested on jeans.
We reached the lake, where my beauty sat on a free bench and, slightly tilted her head to the clear sky.
I had no choice but, having passed a little further, it would fall into a tree, pretending to be waiting for someone.
Her closed eyes allowed me to greedily glance into the inner side and thighs and lower abdomen, slightly covered with a light cloth.
A minute later, without opening her eyes, she lowered her hand and began to do something under the sundress.
Seeing this sight, my eggs began to whine softly and painfully, but quite unexpectedly, I saw.
Strong member, gently pulling out of the narrow panties, she stuck in a wide gap between the boards of the bench hung down.
Unexpectedly, I found that my legs were literally weakened by excitement, my stomach became empty and hot, and despite the fact that the evening coolness had already touched the ground, I was thrown into a sweat.
“Wow” – only I could think.
For a moment, the beauty’s face tightened, and from her hose it dripped first, one, then a few drops, and now an elastic jet beats out of the pink sinewy (He’s bigger than mine!) Member right into the fresh grass under the bench. Free zoo sex online. Bongo 888 sex live 131.

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