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She took his entire load in her mouth sucking up every drop.
We all collapsed on the sofa catching our breath.
Katie’s dad finally spoke and said he had wanted to fuck us for along time, but wasn’t sure if we were just teasing him. Oral sex syptoms.
We told him that Katie and I have been fucking my stepdad for two years and was hoping he was going to be availible for us in Georgia, as my dad is for us in Florida.

He smiled and nodded in agreement.
After awhile he recovered, watching Katie and I playing, We moved to the bedroom for the evening. Cedar turtle fetish.
Katie was able to do everything she had always want to do with her stepdad, over and over.
He stayed for the entire weekend, leaving on Sunday afternoon, having had more pussy and ass than he ever could have imagined.

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Since then he comes by when he gets a chance knowing his stepdaughter is waiting and willing.
He makes a few stops at my house each month also.
Jakob packed his last bag into his car before taking one last look at the St John’s dormitories at the University in Townsville. Busty ladies tgp.

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