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Denis, sitting between the receiver’s spread legs, diligently showed him his skill, and the sergeant, squatting, desperately dug him the last time.
Inspired by the new instrument, Denis did not even notice how his former patron had finished and, already standing over Denis, with a mock serious expression, putting his hand to his temple, reported, “The post passed!” “Post accepted!” – he picked up and, turning Denis on his back, pounced on him, as if on prey.
Stunned by the mad onslaught, shuddering from powerful shocks, burst into him completely different, curved with a sickle, with a hefty brown chestnut head, a starving member, and plaintively moaning from the pain of the crushed muscles, Denis could not hear the door slamming forever leaving the his memory of this gloomy and calm, imperturbable man first in his life.

The receiver of the sergeant was completely different.
Having married before the army, he seemed to be catching up with Denis on a failed honeymoon, exhausting both with his unspent lust on a young stallion.
He did not hide that kissing his lips, face, and neck, impatiently bursting in, or carefully penetrating into him, and then, mercilessly torturing or caressing his body, moaning and writhing in grateful exhaustion before his closed eyes, the image that remained somewhere far, but, embodied in the body of Denis, is so tangibly close.
Only on the last evening, before Denis’s departure home, sergeant, did not let him out of his hands for a long time.

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Restraining himself, he slowly shook his body, as if he was trying to stretch the parting until the morning and looked steadily at the body beneath him, and then sank down on him and, squeezing their interlaced fingers, quietly whispered, “I will always remember you!” (Porn videos and porn movies on the subject of the story! – approx.
) Nikolai, barely restraining himself so as not to end, leaned close to Denis and, squeezing his shoulders, asked in a dry voice with emotion, “Did you have anyone before the army?” “There were two unsuccessful attempts: the first time I finished it I barely managed to insert, and the second time I delayed it in advance so as not to screw it up again, and then I could not at all – it just did not stand up” – indifferently, Denis replied and, hugging Nikolai, kindly pressed him to yourself, like an old all-understanding friend.
Touched by Denis’s trust and frankness, but I feel the heart give in his ears with an echoing alarm, and his knee slowly crawled upward, spreading his obedient legs, he confusedly, in the last hope that Denis would repel or stop him, suggested, “I can give you a couple of phones.
Maybe you can try again? “” Of

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course, just why do I need phones? “- Denis smiled, holding him closer to himself and spreading his legs wider.
From the excitement that Nikolai had never experienced with anyone before, he stumbled forward unsuccessfully several times, then kneeling, spread Denis’s legs bent at the knees with trembling impatience, and folded him in half, he stopped, touching a member of the convex wet, as if slightly opened lips, folds.
Leaning his head, he continuously looked at how his head, having parted the delicate fabric, slowly disappeared inside, dragging the hard as a rock member until he completely disappeared into the depths of new sensations for him, revealing a different world of feelings and other ideas about what used to be so scornfully rejected by him earlier.
He easily freed up free space in his very center, worthy of himself, and undressed, Nikolai caught them with pore locators, absorbed them with his skin, and charged them with energy. 99faerie99 bongacams.

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