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you know, what I felt at that moment was impossible to convey, the terrible pain inside me, the involuntary tears in my eyes, frustration and emptiness.
And the unknown remained – WHY? I could not understand what was wrong and why.
and where so many sufferings, experiences.

sleepless nights.
I realized that I did not love you so much that I could suffer.
but nevertheless it hurt me and for almost 14 days I was in an incomprehensible state, when life meaning was lost, when I began to believe in something – it just burst like a soap bubble.
you left a scar in my heart.
Now, as time passes, I think that my egoism and lack of time have all predetermined our relationship.
only now I understand that I didn’t pay you enough attention and concentrated on my feelings, and not YOURS.
This is another lesson that taught me LIFE, I will learn.
on my mistakes, but I will no longer have a relationship with a girl, because I do not want! This is just my opinion and you did not affect it.
“stop drinking water and breathing.”
to be continued.

Angela was in love with her friend, but did not dare to say so.
She knew that Diana had a loved one.
They rarely communicated with Diana, but every meeting, every call agitated Angela’s trembling flesh.
Diana’s fascinating voice immensely excited Angela.
Angela was a pretty calm girl, but then her rage grew.
She was accustomed to seek what she wants, by any means.
Tenderness to her friend bordered on cruelty, which was inherent in Angela.
Now she was eager for fresh blood of Diana, eager to look at her torment. Asian lesbian webcam. Old lesbian webcam.

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