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They moved across the dance floor and I lost sight of them for about five minutes.
Suddenly, Nikki came back to the table.
The guy she was dancing with was Scott and she whispered to me that he’d fingered her on the dance floor when he realised she wasn’t wearing panties under her skimpy dress. Best cam girl.
Nikki said that she’d felt his cock through his trousers and it was really big and she would love to play with it.

I told her if that’s what she wanted, then go ahead.
I’ll let them start then come up to our room later. Rock kirkby lonsdale girls porn.
Nikki fetched Scott from the bar and took him up to our room.
I waited fifteen minutes but couldn’t wait any longer.
I wanted to see Nikki being fucked by another man.
As I approached the room, I heard lots of giggling and moaning. Sexy pussy porn big clip.

I opened the door and Nikki was on all fours, naked, with Scott behind her, fucking bareback and squeezing her amazing tits while they bounced in rhythm to his fucking.
I kept spying for a further ten minutes but I was enjoying the view a little to much not to join in. Sex on the hartshorn missouri not drink.

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