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In the bed.
Sometimes in the morning.
– Cool, bring yourself to orgasm, and then you go to bed? – Well, I can take a break and continue further.

– Yes? Great! And you can finish several times in a row? – Well, yes, if you try.
– Wow! I can’t do that.
Once finished, that’s all, no longer want.
– Yes? So you can only once a day? – No, why not.
I can many times: in the morning, in the afternoon, in the evening.
Only after each time the desire for some time disappears, then returns again.
Both were silent again.
But the topic was very interesting, I decided to continue: – And you during, well, when you touch yourself, what do you think? – Well, about different things.
– Do you remember excerpts from porn? – And this too.
– Yes? And what else? Imagine something? – Well yes.
– Tell me? She was embarrassed.
Says something you are curious today too.
I say, – Well, this topic is also interesting for you, let’s tell each other who is thinking about what at this moment.
– Well, tell me, – responds.
– Well, I have already asked you, you start.
She hesitated a little and said: – Well, I imagine different things.
As a man caresses me, as we lie nearby, hug, kiss, touch each other with body parts.
– I would like to be on the site of this man.
And then she says: – So I imagine you.
I jumped as if stung.
In my head all mixed up.
How? Is it really? She wants us in the same bed.
I sit next to her, turn her towards me, lean forward slightly, look into my

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eyes and ask: “You are kidding, yes?” But she does not take her eyes off and replies: “No”.

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I hug her with one hand and start kissing.
We kiss hard, for a long time we do not break away from each other.
But so uncomfortable to sit.
She rises from the bench and sits on my knees sideways.
Hugs my neck with both hands and kisses.
I wrap my arms around her and hold me tight.
It is served all over.
Our lips are crushed, they cut their teeth.
It seems to me that I already feel the taste of blood in my mouth.
Break away from each other to breathe air.
– I think about you, too.
– True? – Of course.
With my left hand I hug her behind the back, and the right box on her chest.
Nastya does not resist.
On the contrary, she starts kissing me.
But this time gently so gently.
Covers my lips with my own, sucks a little.
Releases – and again covers.
Her lips are soft and wet.
I feel her breath, literally inhale the air that she exhales through her mouth.
I do not forget about her breasts, at first I wrinkle her through the fabric of a T-shirt, then I guess to stick her hand under her.
I move my hand under the shirt from one breast to the other.
I touch the nipples, I feel how they swell under my fingers.
I lower both hands, take the edges of the jersey and start pulling up.
Nastya helps me, but when both breasts are in the open air, she leaves the folded T-shirt over her breasts, not allowing her to pull off her clothes completely.
And I do not mind, it is enough for me that there is.
I see both her breasts, I can touch them with my hands.
Why only hands? – rush through your head.
I stoop and gently kiss one nipple.
The other is fiddling.
Nastya flexes in the back, I swallow the nipple completely, start to suck it and caress the tongue.
This continues for some time.
Suddenly Nastya, as if having come to her senses, tears me away from her chest and lowers the T-shirt down, with the words: “Don’t, suddenly someone will see.”
And he sits down again, the body is turned towards me.
I do not want her to be uncomfortable and not oppose her actions.
Instead, I take her face in my two palms, gently kiss my lips, pull away a little and, looking into her eyes, ask: “When will we be able to continue?” She turns sideways to me. Voyeur voyeur cam hidden masturbation. Cam to cam sex roulette.

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