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I was then 22 years old and I just got on the Railway.

My health was normal, but my eyesight failed and in order to pass a medical examination I had to give someone a paw.
And I was pleased to work in the department of communication.
A good salary, not hard work, a lot of free time – in general, everything was cool.
Once I was summoned by the head of the department (to be honest, I was even surprised that this is very rare and it was usually called to punish, but not to encourage).
I entered the office, some man was sitting in the front dress at the head of the station (this is usually what the bosses usually wear), they were talking about something.
The chief nodded at the chairs that stood near the wall, I sat down.
They talked for a few more minutes and the man left.
– now with you, – said the chef and looked at me intently.
– how does it work?

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“Thank you, well,” I was even taken aback by such a question.
– as a team? Salary suits? – Yes, everything is fine, thank you.
“Well then, to business,” said the chief, “I have something for you.”
He took some papers from the desk drawer and handed them to me.
It was an order for promotion and transfer to a friend position.
– Well, how? – asked the boss.
– I agree? I was just in shock, the position is quite high and the privileges and salary accordingly.
– But.
– I wanted to argue.
“And here’s another one,” the boss said, already in a rough, rude voice, and handed me a couple more sheets.
These were the results of a medical examination.
– Do you know what happens for forgery of documents? – Yes.
– I lowered my eyes.
– So you agree to a promotion?
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