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“Seriously thinking about it, as it was the biggest turn on of my life,” Cathy said nodding.
“Maybe we should do it together, two cocks for two cunts could be fun.
” Kim thought about it for a full minute, then a small smile formed on her lips, “Why not? 3d cock cartoons. Yes, why the fuck not! My old man’s fucking useless in bed, and I could do with a real cock up me.
” Cathy winked at her friend, “well, I’ll set it up, babe.
Let’s get some young, hard cocks up us.
Why are you looking pensive, babe?” “Just had a thought. Dating websites white men like black women.
What if they ask us to go down on each other? Men love to see that.
” Kim said.
“We fucking do it! That’s what we do.
If men like to eat cunt, I see no reason why we won’t.
” Cathy replied, “in fact, a bit of practice wouldn’t go amiss. One night stand college.
Plus all this talk has got me as horny as hell.
” Kim stood up leaned over to Cathy took her hand, smiled, and whispered, “come on girl, take me to your bed.
” The two friends moved to the master bedroom and Cathy slipped out of her robe, lay back on the queen-sized bed and watched Kim undress.

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She had often seen her naked before when they showered together after swimming.
But this was the first time she looked at her as a lover.
Kim lay beside her naked friend and gently stroked her hair.
Cathy smiled and pulling her closer kissing her lips with soft butterfly kisses. Nicole paultre bell dating.
Soon Kim’s lips parted as she yielded to Cathy’s warm tongue, a minute later the kisses had turned into deep, passionate ones and the friend’s hands roamed over each other’s bodies.
Cathy was the first to make the bold sexual overture and slid down Kim’s body to find her pubic mound. Asian machine tube.
Kim’s legs opened as she submitted herself to her first lesbian experience.
“Fuck girl, that feels so good.
A fucking sight better than my old man can do,” Kim gasped as Cathy’s tongue flicked from clit to cunt. Only girls porn.
Cathy knew the boys would want more than cunt and slide her tongue down to the little-puckered hole beneath.

Encouraged by the moan Kim let out she pushed her tongue inside.
“Oh fuck! That feels so good, so fucking good,” Kim gasped. Gif animated porn couples tasteful.
“Don’t stop girl, make me cum! Fuck, I need this so much.
” Cathy knew what would work best, and using both hands, finger fucked both holes at once and licked Kim’s hard clit.
The effect was instant and she was sure the cries and obscenities that poured from Kim’s mouth could be heard a mile away! Butterworth on dating. As Kim’s orgasm died down Cathy lifted her head from between her legs, got up on all fours and said, “Your turn girl, make me cum,” Five minutes later the room again reverberated to the sound of a screaming female orgasm as Kim’s tongue and fingers worked their magic. Picture at bottom scroll down.

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